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How to become an Agile Developer in 10 Steps

#1, Pair programming
– It’s nice start then trying pair salary negotiations, pair coffee sugaring, and pair shoe tying.

#2, Unit Testing
– Backing your code with unit tests make it less prone to errors. To be on the safe side, however, it’s highly recommended to also unit test your unit tests with some unit tests.

#3, Code Review
Practice the art of reviews as often as possible.

#4, Keep it simple
Refuse to write complicated code: tell your customer that his ecommerce system will only handle payments by cash.

#5. Design patterns
The use of design patterns can greatly improve your code quality. Invent your own ones and encourage your team to use them as often as possible. Who wouldn’t love the “pink bunny” pattern?.

#6, Coding conventions
– Make your coding standards more enjoyable by handing out a printed version to each team member. Personalize each copy by coloring the sides of the pages.

#7, Useful Error Messages
Avoid inexpressive error messages like “error code 148″. Instead, add helful status information and make them meaningful.

#8, Learn a new language every year
– A good programmer is expected to learn a new language every year. When asked which language you’re currently learning, warmly touch your colleagues’s hand and tell him it’s the ” language of love”.

#9, Enhance your scrum/ kanban road
On a standard Scrum or Kanban board, tasks are moved from “todo” to ” in progress” to “Done”.

#10, Consisten Toolchain
If a team agrees to a common set of tools, everybody on the team should adhere to the rules. Kindly but firmly remind your CEO that no one else use Excel on the team – and offer to show him how to do his ” number-knick-knack” with Eclipse.

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